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Websites, That Is.

I am one who writes. I don't write like a graduate in literature and English, I write as one who has always written. My major was anthropology but my teacher was Vietnam combat. I somehow got through two tours without anything but a bum back . . . lumbar of course; what else?

I write this and two other websites: Ink Rune and Inkohol. If or when you have time drop by and see what else takes my time. I cover a wide range of topics and some you will probably hate while others you may enjoy. Kind of like life experience?


I will also keep plugging away here from time to time. I run my own servers so I am busy keeping the internet straight as possible. I am also approaching seventy-six rather quickly so you know at least that I have a rendition of truth. I say this as I have tried everything once and some of those trials almost killed me more than once. Several broken bones and scars later I am still here. As Charles Schulz once had Charlie Brown say, “Be of good cheer.”


from TheCrowe

Ovation Guitar

About one year ago I bought a similar guitar, Ovation six string, to the one presented here. I bought it sight unseen which is a first for me as guitars have slightly individual and nuanced sound from one guitar to another of the same build or model.

This is a wonderful guitar with bright trebles and satisfying bass tones. Playing up the neck there is no distortion and being an acoustic electric it is a plane load of fun to play.

I was in the Vietnam conflict up to my neck but managed, somehow, to come home unscathed. Well, unscathed is really more a turn of phrase than a reality but this is not a place to go into some parts of what I had to do in theater. The gist of this is that just before I ended my enlistment I bought a Martin D-28 six string guitar which I still own and play quite a bit.

Martin D-28

I'd like to be able to tell you that I have become a virtuoso but I am still so-so. What I will tell you is that the old Martin saw me through all the misery that comes to one who goes to war. It was always there and I needed only to open the case and produce the guitar. From there I could, for a time, put myself in another place. A place where all that mattered was the rich, full tones of that wonderful instrument.

I purchased the Ovation as my fingers are not as strong now as they were when I was young and electric guitars are known to be easier to finger than acoustic.

Now I play both with a fondness or recalling how difficult it was to figure out and then play songs like, “April, Come She Will,' or, “Sounds of Silence.” Thank you Paul Simon.


from TheCrowe

My background in computers began with Cobal around 1985. A TRS-80 computer from Radio Shack. Since then I have gotten better at understanding computers than I was then but even that isn't saying much. I do by making mistakes, blowing up a website and starting over from scratch. When I was in college there were no computers.

Of late, however, I have managed to locate a lot of fixes in my brain (attic) which, when viewed with patience, allowed me to put together a trunk of knowledge I didn't think I had stored up there. Surprise, surprise, I had enough to put together the tutorials you see here. The caveat is that the Akkoma tutorial belongs to Teabag Ninja but it is the older of his that actually works. His new one I tried but there are glitches or it could just be me. The Writefreely I had to spend a lot of time perusing code and days on end experimenting before I got it to work. I don't just try my code on one installation I try it on more than just a few to see if it is consistent throughout.

I am making use of my second blog here as this is a multi-user installation so I have no limits on how many I allow myself to use. I am virtually unlimited to write all the good and the garbage I can come up with. We'll just have to see if I can reach my own personal limit.

A few little quirks I have discovered here that I dislike are the fact that there is no image upload so one needs to upload images elsewhere and then link them to a Writefreely website. Having used Wordpress for so long I find this a severe inconvenience and consider this an oversight to be amended in the near future. I understand the “purist” consideration but purist and convenience are not that far apart if one considers others. The “others” who scrape together the knowledge to build something that many consider to advanced for them to attempt.

One last thing. If you have not been brave enough to make the attempt to launch your own from my tutorial there are many other, some free Writefreely installations to write your own blog. I am not one who uses “Medium” or the other blog websites because the more private I can be the better I like it.

I wish you good fortune and a lot of success in creating your own little slice of the internet. For now, this is the only website I am using with Writefreely and a part of this is experimental so that I can see how far I can go using what the developers have already set up for all of us. Images are coming soon but I need a website to upload images also. Inconvenient to say the least . . . not to mention expensive?